Nothing to lose

I am not very interesting.
Lovin on this munchkin. ❤️

Lovin on this munchkin. ❤️

It's 11 AM

  • And all I want right now is to drink wine.

I miss you.




Alison, I’m lost
Alison, I said we’re sinking
There’s nothing here but that’s okay

The title of this song is my name, but it makes me think of one person every time I listen to it.

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Random thoughts of the day

Fuck I’m tired.
Why did CM Punk have to leave the WWE?
Guests need to shut the hell up.
Why you gotta hurt so bad, big toe?
Way to be a fuck up and forget to leave the car seat at home.
I ate too much pie last night.
Get away from me wasp. I don’t want what you got.
I wanna snuggle my daughter right now.
Ready to drown myself in a tub of margaritas.
Seriously big toe, I hate you.

Only 2 hours of work left.